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About Us

Delivering results and a vision for the future workforce

ACS Firm strategically connects companies with a broad range of organizational and human development services that empowers organizations to develop an adept and diverse workforce of the future.
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Our Story

Built on an inclusive future

ACS is dedicated to actively engaging clients and the national workforce to build exceptional and diverse teams within their respective industries. Through our comprehensive recruiting solutions, we consistently attract high-caliber professionals who bring diversity of thought and background. Learn more about our in-depth recruitment process and services for the aviation, transportation and public sectors.

Extensive Client Understanding

We meet clients and industry professionals where they are, supporting their respective needs throughout the engagement. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of our clients’ requirements, and leverage years of expertise to shape our process.

Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

We understand the importance of being thorough in the services we deliver. Through a highly personalized and detailed approach, we provide everything necessary to be successful.

Strategically Redefining the Workforce 

By expanding opportunities for all, we enhance the workforce and benefits for everyone. Our focus on EDI initiatives and diverse applicants enable our clients to foster tangible results that improve their business. 

How we work

Industry Focus

Rooted in the industries we serve 

Having come up through government sector, aviation, transportation, public sector and private corporations over the last four decades, our select and diverse team of human capital experts understand your industry well. Our team’s experiences lie in starting as a frontline employee and leading through the executive levels of various sized organizations. Our team members are experts in recruitment, assessment, staff development, adult education and human resources. These unique experiences set us apart from other firms, as experts in human resources and people development.

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We Know People

People are at the center of everything we do

Whether it’s identifying the right individual, assessing and developing capabilities or building strategies to retain and motivate, we know what works best. Good people are critical to managing your organization, but high-performing professionals are key to achieving your business and profitability goals.

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Our network is built for your success

Our firm not only has practical experience in the government, aviation, transportation and corporate worlds, our network is connected to many of the active diversity groups that help us to support our clients and their diversity initiatives. Our experiences with these organizations include being members, special committee members, panelists and expert topic speakers. Our firm’s versatility at the local and national level, paired with our practical experience and connections gives us the ability to make the inroads to fully support our clients.


Inclusivity is an integral part of our success 

Embracing diversity is essential for profitability, relatability, and success. As a fully Minority-Owned human capital firm, our team is composed of experienced executives representing diverse backgrounds in ethnicity, gender, age, experience and more. Our commitment to diversity is not just the right thing to do for us, but it’s also a fundamental principle we advocate for, for any organization. We take pride in being an exemplar of the positive impact that arises from embracing differences among individuals.

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Questions? We can't wait to meet you.

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